Portrait of Ms Pru Bennet

Ms Pru Bennett


Statement: I’m honoured to help establish the National Foundation for Australia-China relations. It’s a significant opportunity to make a constructive contribution to the Australia China relationship and to help create a national platform that engages governments, business and communities to support and find ways to engage constructively with China, to engage across greater China, and to involve our diverse stakeholders and communities.

Ms Pru Bennett is a senior business leader with extensive experience working across greater China and Asia, and has a deep understanding of China’s economic relationships.

Having held roles engaging at senior levels in business and advising key economic and financial regulators in Hong Kong and Singapore, Ms Bennett has an insight into the challenges and opportunities of managing business, trade and investment between greater China and the region, and in corporate and board governance.

Until recently, she was a Managing Director and Head of Investment Stewardship for the Asia-Pacific region for BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, with over US$7 trillion under management. She is now a Partner at the global strategic advisory firm, Brunswick Group, and an independent corporate governance advisor. 

She is also a leading member of the 30% Club in Hong Kong, part of the global campaign to see greater representation of women, including women with Asia experience, on corporate boards.