The Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2022-23 competitive grants round is now open for applications. The Foundation provides grant opportunities each year to develop, promote and strengthen understanding and engagement between Australia and China, including business and community stakeholders, in support of Australia’s national interests.

The Foundation’s strategic objectives are:

  • Promoting connections and practical cooperation
  • Building understanding and exchange
  • Showcasing Australian excellence
  • Engaging Australia’s diverse communities

For this grant opportunity up to $6.5 million is available. The Foundation welcomes applications in line with the Foundation’s strategic objectives, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Collaboration to tackle shared challenges, such as climate change and ageing populations
  • Informed business engagement with China, including in the following areas:
    • Low emissions technology and environment
    • Health and ageing
    • Education
    • Agritech and Agribusiness
    • Financial technology
  • Cohesive communities: recognising and supporting the contribution of Chinese Australian communities and supporting Chinese international students and scholars, including to connect with the broader Australian community
  • Promotion of Australia’s First Nations culture in China
  • Communications, including projecting a positive image of Australia in China, media diversity and access to relevant information
  • Showcasing Australian society, institutions and excellence to relevant audiences in Australia and China
  • People to people connections, including in art, culture and sports
  • Science, technology and environment
  • China awareness: improving capacity of Australian organisations to engage confidently with China

The intended outcomes of the 2022-23 grants program are:

  • The establishment or maintenance of valuable new or existing engagement or connections with China for mutual benefit.
  • Enhanced capacity for Australia to engage with, and capitalise on, opportunities with or in China.
  • Greater recognition within China of Australian excellence or the value and benefits of engaging with Australia.
  • Collaboration that enables Australian institutions to benefit from Chinese excellence and expertise.

    Increased awareness and appreciation of Australian society, values and institutions among key stakeholder communities.
  • Mechanisms that are successful in enhancing the Chinese and Australian people-to-people experiences in Australia and in China, as a catalyst for life-long connections.
  • Greater awareness of Australia’s national story, society and achievements within China and within Chinese-Australia communities.
  • Events or other initiatives which showcase the rich and diverse spectrum of Chinese-Australian achievements.

Information on how to apply for this grant opportunity can be found here

For any further queries on this grant opportunity, please email