Spotlight Series: OzAsia Festival 2021
Spotlight Series: OzAsia Festival 2021

The OzAsia Festival is an Asia-focused arts festival in Adelaide, SA, that runs for two weeks in October - November. In 2021 the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations supported the presentation of three new artistic commissions featuring Chinese Australian artists and stories, together with Australia-China creative collaboration and exchange.

Spotlight Series: Australian International Sports Organisation
Spotlight Series: Australian International Sports Organisation

The Australian International Sports Organisation (AISO) ran a series of four sports programs to promote engagement between Chinese-speaking international students and Australia's diverse communities. Participants learned basic skills in hockey, soccer, netball, AFL and rugby to name a few. This initiative was supported by the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations as part of the 2021-22 grants round.

Spotlight Seres: Hurstville Museum & Gallery
Spotlight Series: Hurstville Museum and Gallery’s ‘Our Journeys | Our Stories’ exhibition

The Hurstville Museum and Gallery's exhibition 'Our Journeys | Our Stories' was on display from April - July 2022. The exhibition documented the migration and historic contribution of Chinese Australians to the Georges River area in Sydney and displayed artworks by leading Chinese Australian artists. This exhibition was supported by the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations as part of the 2021-22 grants round.

Seaweed in tubes
Australian and Chinese researchers team up to fight plastic pollution with seaweed

Dr Jianhua Zhang loves seaweed, and not just as something to eat.

The researcher from Melbourne’s Victoria University believes it could be harnessed to replace one of the biggest contributors to waste in our oceans: plastic packaging.

Spotlight Series: AGNSW The Way We Eat
Spotlight Series: The Art Gallery of New South Wales exhibition ‘The Way We Eat’

Art Gallery of NSW 'The Way We Eat' exhibition, featuring Curator of Chinese Art, Yin Cao. The National Foundation for Australia-China Relations supported the Art Gallery of NSW in the 2021-22 grants round to present a public program of activities to support ‘The Way We Eat’ exhibition to generate a fresh appreciation of the rich traditions associated with Chinese food culture.

Spotlight Series: WEHI
Spotlight Series: WEHI

WEHI's InSPIRE program promotes Australia-China collaboration and education in biomedical research. The National Foundation for Australia-China Relations supported WEHI with a virtual Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Masterclass and an Australia-China Research Symposium as part of the 2021-22 grants round.

Lady sitting against bookshelves
The Melbourne Professor on a personal mission to make life better for international students

Professor Shanton Chang finds it easy to relate to international students. He first became one at the age of 11.

That’s when he left his Malaysian hometown of Kuching to study in Singapore. A decade later, he was off to Perth for university.

Scientist looking at microscope
2022-23 Competitive Grants Program

Through our annual grants program, we support Australian individuals and organisations to develop, promote and strengthen understanding and engagement between Australia and China, including at the business and community level, in support of Australia’s national interests.

The 2022-23 grants program is now open. Applications close on October 4. There is up to $6.5 million available in this grant opportunity. For more information click here.

Catherine Cervasio in Shanghai
Want to do business in China? ‘First of its kind’ program breaks down barriers

In less than 24 hours, Chinese online shoppers snapped up more than $1 billion worth of Australian goods.

The year was 2020 and the occasion was the world’s biggest shopping festival, known as “Singles Day”. And despite last year’s event being pared back, many Australian brands remain hugely popular with Chinese bargain hunters.

Little wonder so many Australian companies try to target the market.

Andi's group
The real-world experiences helping Australian and Chinese international students become more employable

In just a few months, Chinese international student Joie Cao went from having virtually no work experience to landing her dream job.

The key was finding a way to leverage her university studies into something industry needed.

Lychees on a Lychee Bush
From lychees to prawns: The Chinese Australian farmer who left his mark on a city

The first time the Wah Days brought lychees to a fruit market in Cairns, some local residents mistook them for apples.

“My grandmother said they just tried to eat the whole lot, with the sharp skin still on,” Lawrence Wah Day recounts with a laugh. Lychees were native to China and possibly one of “the first exotic fruit that people in Cairns had seen”.

Super plant installation at APT10
‘Stop, think and feel’: The art exhibition changing the way we see the Asia-Pacific

Chinese migration during Victoria’s gold rush is part of the Australian story.

Perhaps not so well-known, is that more than 16,000 Chinese migrants landed in the South Australian seaport of Robe, after Victoria imposed a tax on arrivals in the late 1850s.