Beach Smarts
Beach Smarts for Life Pilot Program

Beach Smarts for Life is a program to introduce Chinese international students to Australian surf lifesaving and beach culture.

Dementia Project - Laptop interface
Overcoming language barriers to support informal carers of people with dementia

Professor Lily Xiao is a world-leading expert on caring for people with dementia.

The Museum of Chinese in Australia
New museum will be an interactive space to learn about Chinese in Australia

The plan was hatched over a long lunch in Sydney’s Chinatown.

“That’s quite appropriate in a Chinese context,” says Stephen FitzGerald, who was one of the diners that day. “You never do anything serious without discussing it over a meal.”

Helicobacter pylori
Australian Nobel Laureate takes aim at stomach cancer in East Asia

It was such a desperate experiment that he didn’t dare tell his wife.

Barry Marshall was a doctor at the Royal Perth Hospital in 1981 when he became convinced that stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria. That was a big leap from the prevailing wisdom at the time that considered stress to be the underlying factor.

Sydney University Campus
The new online app helping international students protect their mental wellbeing

Jessica is studying in Melbourne to become a psychologist.

But the Chinese international student says her chosen profession doesn’t mean her mental health takes care of itself.

Hong Kong Skyline
Virtual internships open doors for Australian university students in Hong Kong

Amanda Davenport needed a game plan.

She was working for a hotel chain when the COVID-19 pandemic began and knew things were about to get tough in her industry.

Pru Bennett, Chairman, National Foundation for Australia-China Relations
Interview with Pru Bennett, Chairman, National Foundation for Australia-China Relations

Our Advisory Board is headed by Chairman Pru Bennett, a senior business leader who lived in Hong Kong and has travelled extensively through China.